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Landslides represent a challenge to the safety of the Australian populace through potential destruction of property and loss of life.  This was brought into stark reality by the tragic events of the Thredbo landslide of July 1997.

It is believed that every Local Government Area in Australia has landslide risk issues of one form or another within the footprint of their area of responsibility.  The extent of landslide hazards, their nature and their likelihood, will of course vary from place to place, but (without being alarmist) landslide hazards are endemic throughout the nation as a consequence of natural hazards and inter alia the pressures for urban development.

This website has been established (in July 2012) to provide a ready means for empowerment and encouragement of individuals who might be interested in Landslide Risk Management, be they regulators, practitioners or members of the Australian public.  This follows the development of several world leading technical initiatives by the Australian Geomechanics Society, particularly in 1985, 2000 and 2007 with the publishing and subsequent updating of Landslide Risk Management guidelines.

Landslides, their identification, and their management, are an area of Geomechanics, which in turn covers the disciplines of engineering geology and geotechnical engineering, both of which come under the aegis of The Australian Geomechanics Society.  The Society was founded in 1970 as the lead technical body in Australia to advance the application of engineering and geological principles to the behaviour of the ground and groundwater and the use of these principles in civil, mining, offshore and environmental engineering in the widest sense.

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